Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My Funny Valentine. . .
Sweet comic Valentine

It's almost that time of year again (why is it that single folks refer to it with such dread?) when people are starting to get all lovey-dovey and buy items that are red and unnecessarily plastered with hearts for the ones they love. Ahh, Valentine's day.

Disclaimer: I am not bitter.

Its just that I would love to be someone's Valentine. I've never been anyone's valentine, with the exception of the 20-30 some odd kids in my elementary school classes each year. But heey, I'm grown now right? I am ready for a Real Valentine.

I am ready for him to call me early on February the 14th and wish me a Happy Valentine's Day. I am ready to meet him for lunch (I do breakfasts, brunches, and dinners as well) where he will present me with flowers and a card (cuz let's face it, Valentine's day is really all about the ladies). He will smile in my face, and I will smile in his, and we shall have a Happy Valentine's day together.

I desire to be swept off my feet and romanced without the ulterior motive of tryin to get in them draws. I desire to be genuinely desired and to be held in high esteem by some man who is equally deserving of my affection.

Perhaps that's where the problem comes in, the whole "equally deserving of my affection" idea. I can honestly say that there are not many, if any, men who fit this description. Are my standards too high? I'm sure they probably are, but they shall not be lowering at all any time soon, if ever.

I can wait for my Valentine, but hopefully when he comes it will be for more than just a day.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Why Dost Thou Hate Me So?!?!?

Here it is, only three days into the semester and I am already coming up on fairly significant roadblocks in my educational journey. Someone has it in for me people, someone has it in for me.

As of now, homegirl yours truly has only registered for 9 credit hours. I was planning on taking 15, but I need at least 12 to be a full-time student and maintain my peace of mind. Ok, I haven't lost my peace of mind, but you know what I'm saying. I desperately wanted to get into a Spanish class, so that I can get started on my minor, seeing that I only have to take 3 classes to complete it. Cool right? Nah. After talking to the advisor who said that registering for the classes would be no problem for me, I went ahead and tried to register.

Ssssskkrrrrrrttttt!!!! eh-eh. NO.

The class was only open to register for majors/minors in the program and Spanish wasn't officially my minor. I couldn't even apply for the minor until January (reminder-put on to-do list) so I don't know why she told me that it would be fine. I emailed her for an override, only to find out I have to get an override from the professors. Okay cool. So here it is, a couple of days before classes start and I'm trying to get an override from the profs. One gave some made up answer that was essentially a big NO, and the other had already given 2 overrides, but said I could attend the class and wait for someone to drop.


So I keep checking the course registration like a fiend, hoping and praying that a spot opens up, because if not, what in the world am I supposed to do? I considered taking a class at Heartland, but I can't even seem to figure out when their late registration ends. I could even take a class at Lincoln, but Lo and Behold, they have no kinda classes for me to be taking. So, true to my fiendish nature, I check the course registration again tonight.

WHAT!? WHAT IS THIS?!? Could my eyes be deceiving me, or could this really be real? One seat open in the spanish class that I need?! HALLELUJAH!!!

I rushed to the registry portal to grab this class before anyone else could get to it when. . .

Sssskkrrrttttt!!! eh-eh. NO!

Registry unavailable they said. Financial Delinquincies they said. Mayn, I'm tellin you I coulda smacked this Dell P.C. right offa this table and gave it something to cry about. I desperately need this class, and I have to do something by tomorrow. I WILL be at the financial aid office first thing crusty eye hair tied morning breath with orange juice bright and early in the morning so they can get my ish straight and hopefully my class will still be there.