Friday, January 25, 2008

You Love it, Don't You?

This morning I come into the office with everything that I need to accomplish in my head. I need to type up notes from the interview I did on Wednesday. I need to work on a few articles for the newsletter (which should be at least HALFWAY done at this point, but is SO not), and do some stuff with my student files. I'm ready. Today is Friday and I plan to get everything on my mental "To-Do List" done.

I walk in the office and Dr.S is already in there. We greet, and I sit down at my desk, ready to tackle my tasks. As always, there's about 15 pages of miscellaneous documents on my desk that have no owner or home. Somehow papers ALWAYS float to my desk! I don't know where they come from, who they belong to, or what their purpose is. All I can do is sigh. I tack "organize misc. documents" onto my mental To-Do list.

Dr. S calls my name. She says, "I want you to look at these documents." As she holds a stack of papers that are marked up and post-it-noted and loosely stacked.

She brings them over to my desk with a, "This page needs this, we need to add this, take out this, and change this." There's about 30 pages total, and none of these directions are written down. Inside I'm thinking, "Okay. You're kidding me right? You DO know I have other stuff to do right?" but I just nod and "mm-hm."

"I've also sent you the attachments that should be inserted. Change this on the one that says this, and put that one between page this and that." I get the email with about 17 attachments. This is just crazy.

But strangely, I love it. Back to work!