Saturday, February 28, 2004

I had a pleasant surprise tonight. I had fallen asleep on the couch while watching the Chappelle Show when I heard the screen to the porch open and the bell ring. Who could this be at 9pm?? Therese!! My beautiful friend, home from college on Spring Break. Ok, I still don't get why her spring break begins in February but, sure. We were on a search for someplace to go and have coffee. Steak n Shake was packed. Baker's Square had a waiting list, what's with that? So we went to The Coffehouse (does that place have a real name?) and chilled. I had an iced mocha; it's starting to kick in. Anyway, I absolutely love the atmosphere of The Coffehouse because it has such a laid-back and intimate feel. It's not all uppity and proper, its one of those places you can go to and just be. Good times, good times.

"I’m not that same stupid freshman you met 6 years ago…"
"I know, that's why I picked up some college applications for you"
"You really think I'm college material? I always wanted to go to one of those Poison Ivy League schools…"

Lately I've been getting frustrated with my poetry. It seems like I can never get the words to come out like I want them to, they can't express how I feel. And, other people tend to get different interpretations of what I intend to say. For example, the line
You are very….
Yummy, like a cherry
Is that sexual? Well, it's not supposed to be sexual in the least bit. When I think of something being yummy, I think of it giving you a good warm feeling, delightful, and if something is yummy, it's definitely made just right for you. Yummy, like a heartfelt hug can be yummy. Do you get where I'm coming from? If not, that’s where my frustration comes from. I can't effectively open up the window to my mind and show others what it is that I really mean or feel. There is always some strange shade or set of blinds in the way.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

You want a piece of me???
Yes! you do! Lately it seems everybody wants a piece of me, a portion of my time, opinions of my mind, my last quarter and dime, which is fine. But I can't be spread too thin like the last bit of jelly with so much peanut butter, too much of one, not the other, I need balance like twin sister and brother. I'm working hard like single mother. Like 2 jobs, 4 kids, not enough money, no time for tea and honey, waiting for a day thats sunny.
I only have so much to give, I need some of me to live.
So please, help me smile, let me talk for a while, just be free like a child....


You are very
Easy like a sunday
And you don't seem
rough like a Monday
I bet you like to chill
Just like a good Friday
Can you maybe see things my way?
Make every day count, make every hour count, make every minute count.
I'm working on my time management skills, and I found this quote today that I just love. Me personally, I seemed to find that there was so much to do in a day, and by the end of the day, not enough of it got done. I also found that I wasted a lot of minutes doing nothing, and those minutes turned into hours. So if we start making every minute count, it will definately add up and you will be able to fit more things in your schedule. *I speak from personal experience.....

With school I'm getting a little frustrated this semester. I came into this semester all ready to go, ready for some success. Last semester was not only hoorible, but unacceptable, so this time I was determined to do much better. The reason for my frustration is that I'm pulling just about all B's. Now, you might say that B's are nothing to complain about, and thats true, but I don't want B's. I want A's. B's are mediocre, B's are 'just okay', B's are settling for less for me because I know I can get A's-they're not beyond my reach. I want greatness, I want excellent, I want......perfection?
Is a little bit of perfectionism OK?

Today I want to check into some study abroad stuff and see my possiblities. I want this so bad it hurts. I'm just praying my scholarship will cover it. If not, I guess I'm gonna have to drag Tura with me to Kappa. We can be a duo! *nod* Besides, whose business is it if I pay for my Costa Rica trip in single bills?

I'll leave you with a little something I saw to lighten your day.
If you sprinkle when you tinkle,
Be a sweetie, wipe the seatie.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Where is a mint when you need one???
This is so bad. My breath, that is. I don't know why, but its straight on 10, I'm about to pass myself out. So, I've been pretty much quiet all day, trying to keep my mouth closed. Tell my why everybody keeps trying to talk to me? I'm lookin all crazy talkin with my mouth half closed and what not, trying not to let the breath escape. I neeeeeeed some gum!

Other than that, I've been seeing fine brothas all over the place today. I like that.

But what I don't like is when one wants to come up to me and hold a conversation and my breath is hottt. Why can't he come up to me on a good day? Or even a day when I have something, anything to help me out?? Why Why Why? So now, next time dude sees me, is he gonna think "There's that funky breath girl"? Something about bad breath makes people not want to give you another chance. They figure you always have it, its not seen as a temporary thing.

So now, I should learn from this experience and carry mints/gum with me ALL THE TIME. Without excuse.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

"These onions gon' have my breath kickin' like 5 kangaroos in a pillowcase"
So I was in the cafeteria today and I saw Kabah. I went over to talk to him and a couple of people came over too. This one guy, I think his name was Don was a trip and a half. He was one of those white people who act black. No, he was one of those white people who is black. You had to have been there, he was so hilarious. So I end up sitting at this table with 3 guys, Kabah, Don (?), and Steve. The main topic of discussion was anatomy, and we're not talking biology class here.
"Yea, I wanna talk to shawty ova there. Look Look, OOh, she got a big a**"
"She thick as *heaven the opposite*" (as martina would say*)
"Yea, but she ain't got no titties tho"

Aw, come on. *shakes head*

"Liz and I are about to go fly away in her THANK YOUR JESUS car. " This sounds like something someone on drugs would say. If I didn't know Son' and what she was talking about, I'd think she was eating shrooms while watching Willy Wonka or something. *sigh*

So, I really wanna talk to somebody right now, but noone is online and noone is here to talk to.

My five
Five things I want out of life:
1) To have a family. I've always wanted to get married and have kids and all that. I would like to have kinda a large family, so at least 4 kids. Pets? I dunno.
2) To travel. I want to travel around the world, go some of everywhere. Travel is great because it expands your horizons and your thinking and really just opens up your mind to new things.
3) To be successful. Now, of course everyone wants to be successful, and I don't know if you ever reach a point where you can say "Now I'm successful", but I want to be able to look back over my life and know that I made something of it.
4) dont know
5) dont know

Ok, 5 is kinda a lot to think of for that one. The one issue is the success thing. I think everyone measures it differently. I'm not so much looking at it from a monetary side, but if I find myself broke and homeless, reguardless of what I may have accomplished, I'm not going to view myself as successful. Another issue is the "When I grow up" thing. I find it surprising that I hear adults talking about what they want to do/be when they grow up; they are already grown. I guess most people look at their future (as a whole) as being something with a starting point, i.e., when one 'grows up'. But really, its not like that at all. The same thing is with success. We tend to view it as a certain point we reach in life, like one day, after work we come home and realize "Hey, I'm successful!" And another thing is, do you ever get to a point where the success stops? Do you just keep getting more and more 'successful' or do u stay at one level?

I guess I've been thinking too much huh?

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I feel embarrased. Today when I walked in the computer lab, I saw Scott. Ashleigh was sitting next to him, so I go over to her and put my hand on top of her head and give it a little shake. I hit Scott on the arm and he hit me back. Cool, yea ok. I sit down at the computer next to Scott and when he leaves he's saying bye to Ashleigh, but hmmm, her voice sounds awfully different. That's when I realize it's not Ashleigh at all, its some other girl I don't even really know. Yea, now I feel like a fool.

My speech was today. So, I dress up all nice (hoping that I would see him too, but not so far..) and I'm all getting ready to give my speech. I am surprisingly awake after only having 2 hours of sleep. (For some reason I decided to wait until last night to write the thing.) Mother dear gave me a ride to school and on the way, I'm looking at my notecard, trying to get my speech downpacked, since I've had no time to practice it at all. I get to school, go to the library and print off my outline and go in the cafeteria to review my speech some more. I can't find my notecard. Where is my notecard?????? I can only have 1 notecard, everything was microscopically written on that small 4x6 piece of paper, where is it?? If I left it in the car, it's gone home with my mother. This cannot be happening......
Luckily, it was in the Library, I could've just kissed the guy who found it! (who surprisingly resembles John Kroph. *shudder*)

Apparently my speech went well, after class a lot of the people in my class came up to me congratulating me on it and telling me how good it was. They really really liked it. Too bad I didn't know that we had to have 4 sources total, and only one could be an internet source. Too bad I didn't even cite my sources on my outline. But hey, speaking is for the people right? not the teacher. And the people loved it.
Black Like Me by NaKeith

You don't want to be black like me?
But you wanna act like me,
Play in the NFL and get quarterback sacks like me,
You wanna play B-ball and take it to the rack like me,
You don't wanna be black like me?
But you want to get tanned skin like me,
Be able to walk in a room full of ethnic diversity and blend like me,
You want to be able to move this pen like me,
Still be able to hold your head high after going through all kinds of adversity,
You don't want to be black like me?
Are you being harrased by the police because you drive a 1974 Cadillac like me?
But you still choose to wear your pants with a little more slack like me,
Thinking you is cool because you wear platinum jewelry,
But you will never see that there is more than being black than that to me,
Being black is having pride in our history,
Knowing that people fought and bled for the rights that we take as a luxury,
For some reason I feel lke you cannot see the tragedy that we call African American history,
From Kings and Queens to this,
Black like me but you wants to resist,
Pissed because you are what you are and I am what I am,
But stop being pissed, be a man, and take a stand,
For this is your land, this is our land, from the country back roads of Savannah, Georgia to the amusement parks of Coney Island,
So you still don't want to be black like me?
But I say that you are you just need to take a look at your family tree.
Black like me.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Pieces of an unfinished poem....
My heart moans
My soul groans
Don't let me be alone....
When I talk to you
Oh yes, I play it so cool
And when you walk away I swoon
My heart's palpitating
As I'm waiting
I hate the feeling of being in like. NO, not in love, just in like. I hate it when I think of a person constantly, they are always on my mind, and I just want to be with them. It doesn't matter what we do, just being around that person would satisfy me. I hate that. Why you ask? Because it makes me feel weak, I guess. I am Elizabeth, strong and tough. I am Elizabeth, gentle yet rough. I am Elizabeth, I don't take no stuff. So what in the world am I supposed to do when I feel this way? When my heart beats just a little bit faster upon his arrival? When my stomach gives a little quiver when I see him coming near? When I think of the conversations we could have and I overanalyze every potential "signal" that could possibly mean that my feelings are reciprocated?

What am I supposed to do, with these feelings I have for you?
What am I supposed to do, when I don't know if you are feeling it too?
What am I supposed to say when you toss that special look my way?
What more can I say, than I think of you all day?
How am I supposed to act all the while, I try to play it cool but I'm wearing a big smile?
How am I supposed to be, when these feelings don't seem like me?

This sucks, but I kinda like it.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Here's some interesting things for you. I definately learned something new.

Black Inventors

1899 George Grant invented the golf tee
1887 Alfred Cralle invented the ice cream scoop
1882 Oscar Brown invented horse shoes
J.L.Love invented the pencil sharpener
1890 W.B.Purvis invented the cartridge for fountain pens
1975 A.P. Ashbourne- biscuit cutter
1923 Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light
Madame C.J. Walker created hair products for black americans
J.A.Burr-lawn mower, 1899
Sarah Boone-1892, ironing board
Isaac Johnson-1889, bicycle
J.M.Certain-1899, bicycle basket
And that's just a few my friends........Now let's learn about Georgey.

George Washington Carver, I hope you've heard of him. He is known for all the things he did with peanuts, but he also worked with soybeans, peacans,and sweet potatoes. He revolutionized agriculture in the south (they grew mostly cotton) by developing a crop rotation method. One year, plant soybeans and peas, the next year plant cotton. This enriched the soil and made better crops. George invented a lot of things, but he only got 3 patents, and most of his work he did just for mankind. Here's a list of some of his inventions:
adhesives axle grease bleach, buttermilk
chili sauce, fuel briquettes, ink, instant coffee
linoleum, mayonnaise, meat tenderizer
metal polish, paper, plastic, pavement
shaving cream, shoe polish, synthetic rubber
talcum powder, and wood stain.
Think of how different our world would be without some of those products. All from one brotha.
I took the "Can you pass the third grade" test as well, and yes, I failed. it was a lot harder than I thought it would be! I figured, the states, I know them. Well, apparently not. It was fun anyway though.

Today I was so tired I could hardly stay awake in any of my classes. I didn't even go to my last one, but don't worry, I'm not turning into a slacker. All I need is to catch some Z's.

I got my class ring back!! I lost it a couple of months ago at Roc's house, along with 2 pairs of earrings. I don't know why I take my jewelry off, but anyway, she returned my earrings, but not my ring. I remember her trying it on but not giving it back, but she claimed she did. I was telling her "No, Roc, it's at your house!" but nooooo, she didn't think so. Well, Wednesday night I went over there and lo and behold, she presents to me my beloved class ring. (Now I have to get used to wearing it again)

I want to eat some pizza today. I hope Sonia and I can go to Gumby's or somewhere good and cheap to eat, cuz I'm starvin like Marvin.

So, take the test and see how you do. Can you pass the third grade????

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I am optimistic. Spring should be here soon. The days are getting slightly longer, did anyone notice? The temperatures are rising by just a few degrees, did anyone catch that? I am so excited, I can't wait until spring is here. No more scarf, hat, gloves, heavy coat, snow, ice, etc. Any day now.... *esperando*
Tura-sorry, no pirates. But potentially native island boys. @_@

Good news! (No, i didn't save by switching to Geiko) I am doing quite well in my classes. I got an A on my math test! 96%, I got an A on my sociology exam, a B on my speech test but, a C on my Bio. I'll have to bring that up, eh? Aren't you all proud of me? I feel smart again!

Monday, February 09, 2004

My Five
5 friends I would like to be stuck on a desert island with:
1) Sonia-because she knows me and would probably be able to calm me down best, because I would be mad crazy for getting myself stuck on an island. Plus, she can make a meal out of almost anything.
2)Therese-because she is really smart and would probably be the one to figure out a way off the island. Plus, she could probably carve a flute of some type out of a tree or something and entertain us.
3)Tony-because we need a guy. He can cut down some trees and make our house. yeah..
4)Tura-because she would work very well with Therese. She would be very determined to get off the island at any cost and would most likely do whatever she could.
5)Donna-because she is cute and is getting beefy, so we could eat her when necessary. Plus, I couldn't think of anyone else.

What would I do? I would probably sew and wash clothes, and try to be optimistic about everything. I am also quite handy with building things, so I could help make the house. So, If I ever go on a cruise, I'm taking all of you with me, just in case. (:

Friday, February 06, 2004

They kept telling me and telling me, but they lied. "Lots of snow" they said, "5-8 inches". And I, in my naivete, believed them. I believed there would be snow today and I wouldn't have to take my Biology exam. I just knew that when I looked out my window, there would be snow in and on everything. Piles and piles of snow, who knows, maybe we would've even been snowed in. But no. Only a measly dusting of the white stuff. How could they be so cruel? Once again, I have been let down.
Ya, so I was really counting on some snow. Now watch, it'll come full force just when I don't want it. Anyway, I took my biology test, it wasn't too bad, but I still don't know how I did on it. At least a C i'm hoping.

Sonia-You have got to blog about those 2 guys the other night.
Martina-I hope to get to see (and talk to) you on Saturday!

A couple of days ago, I got a letter from my grandmother (My father's mother). I've never really met her, but she saw me when I was a baby. She gave me her phone number, and I kinda want to call, but I wouldn't know what to say. I would love to go and visit her, maybe over spring break.

Speaking of travel, I saw an advertisment for a summer study abroad thing in Costa Rica. 5 weeks of Spanish training, and you get to stay with a family. Do you know how great that would be for me??? Especially if my scholarship paid for it? Ah, I can feel the Costa Rican sun right now. THEN there's also a study abroad for the fall semester in England. You know I love the UK. I'm getting quite excited about the possiblities. *_*

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Sometimes I feel powerless when all I can do about a sitauation is pray, but how does that make sense? Knowing that God is Omnipotent (all powerful), you would think that I would be more than assured. Prayer is powerful. Putting your problems into the hands of the One who knows all, has all, and can do all.....its amazing just to think of it.
I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. 1 Timothy 2:8.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable1745-1818- Not the name of your average brotha, I know, but he was French, born in Haiti. He was a big man, over 6 feet tall and spoke French, English, Spanish and some Indian Languages. When he was 20 years old, his boat sank on the way to a New Orleans port. He was almost enslaved by the Spanish, but managed to escape and went up the Mississippi river toward St. Louis. Some years later, he moved farther north and settled in an area called by the Indians "Eschikagou" meaning 'land of bad smells'. Sound it out, and it sounds like what? Chicago! He built the first permanent home there, and established a trading post at which he sold supplies and tools, and trappers traded fur pelts. He also built a mill, smokehouse, dairy, poultry house, horse stable and barn. People even as far as Canada knew about it! In 1796, DuSable's granddaughter was the first person to be born in Chicago. Despite his success, DuSable moved from Chicago in 1800, most likely because he was unhappy with the many changes in this new found land. There were also whites fighting him for the land. So there you have it, the founder of Chicago, a Black man. Makes me proud *tear*.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Nervous Habits? : Me, nervous? You kid yourself.
Are you double jointed? : Apparently I am in my thumbs. I thought it was just normal, until 6th grade when people started looking at me funny when I bend them back and pop them forward...
Can you do weird things with your tongue? : I can lick the heck out of a Tootsie Pop.
Can you raise one eyebrow at a time? : *raises eyebrow* Why yes.
Can you blow spit bubbles? : Like a pro
Can you cross your eyes? : Yes, but usually when I try only one crosses. Now that's talent.
Tattoos? : No way
Piercings and where? : Only 2 in each earlobe
Do you make your bed daily? : Not hardly. Sometimes weekly though.
What's your sleeping position?: Mostly always on my right side with my knees bent. Never on my back.
Even in hot weather do you use a blanket? : Mos Def.
Do you snore? : I would never.
Do you sleepwalk? : No
Do you talk in your sleep?: No, but I've been known to hum or groan in my sleep.
Do you sleep with a stuffed animals? : Yes, a big black bear that Angela gave me. I call him 'Bear'.
Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on? : Always the radio. Always.
Coke or Pepsi? : Pepsi, CocaCola co. is corrupt
Oranges or apples? : Oranges, even though they are harder to eat. Gotta get that vitamin C!
One pillow or two? : two
Deaf or blind? : Deaf, I couldn't live without seeing sunshine, trees, etc. Plus, sign language is cool.
Pools or hot tubs? : In general, I'd have to say pool, cuz you can have heated pools in the winter, but you couldn't pay me enough to go in a hot tub in the summer.
Blondes or brunettes? : I guess Brunettes
Tall or short? : I guess short. Too tall and you're freaky. Too short and you're a dwarf, but at least you get a real title.
TV or radio? : Radio. Music is joy.
Beach or pool? : Beach. Great scenery and you can fit way more people.
Tic-Tacs or Certs? : Tic-Tacs. Only 5 calories, right?
Snooze button or jump out of bed? : Whoa, what's this about jumping out of bed? No snooze, I just lay there until I feel slightly awake and then I roll out of bed.
Sunrise or Sunset? : Sunset. Sunrise is way too early.
Hamburger or Cheeseburger? : Cheezburger baby! Especially from McDonald's
Morning or night? : Morning. Air is fresh, Birds are singing, etc.
Sports or news? : News, so I can stay in the know.
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? : Christmas Eve. All the cooking and visiting relatives and what not.
Cake or ice cream? : Ice cream, forget cake. Stick a candle in that!
Spearmint or Peppermint? : Spearamint is so gross. Peppermint wins that one
Bath or shower? : Shower, who has time to take a bath every morning?
Book or Movie? : Book. I can pick it up whenever I want, and it has much more details
Green or Red apples? : Yellow okay?
Rain or Snow? : Rain. It can only be wet for so long, but snow likes to outstay its welcome
Nike or Adidas? : Addidas. Classic shelltoe yea boyeee!
This has got to stop
My computer keeps shutting down! Actually, it keeps freezing, which makes me have to shut it down. I had a post all nice and ready, good length, and was almost done, but nooooooo, computer had to act up. Do you know how mad I am?? I even tried alt+tab Martina, but to no avail.

Anyhow, February is Black History Month, for those of you who don't know (and for those who do) and in order to spread awareness and appreciation for BHM, I'm going to have some info on a great Black person in history. Enjoy!

Ellen Craft-"Master of Disguise" 1826-1897
Ellen was born as a slave in Georgia. Her complexion was so light that she was often mistaken for a member of the Master's family. This made the Mistress very mad, so when Ellen was 11 years old, the Mistress took her from her mother and gave Ellen to her daughter as a 'wedding gift'.
Ellen and her husband knew that slaveholders could take their slaves to any part of the country they wanted, so they came up with the idea of Ellen disguising herself as a slaveowner, and having her husband William pretend as her slave to escape to freedom. Ellen couldn't read or write, so she put her arm in a sling so she couldn't be expected to sign anything. They had saved their money, dressed Ellen as a man, and were on their way to Baltimore.
From Baltimore, they went to Philadelphia and were known throughout the north for their bold and daring escape. They lived in Boston for 2 years until slave catchers hunted them down. They ran away to Nova Scotia, then to England. Both eventually learned to read and came back to America. The couple bought a plantation in William's old homeland and conducted an industrial school for Blacks.

You Go Homegirl!