Thursday, May 27, 2004

I got my grades yesterday. Not too bad, but not too great. I got one A, three B's, one C. All of those B's could've been A's if I had put forth just a little more effort. But hey, it was better than last semester. My GPA isn't where I want it to be, but that's a work in progress.

This break I didn't get to spend any time with friendboyJ. Well, that is, except for him coming to church. That's sad, I really kinda miss him.

I have to go to work today at Claire's. I also need to go to the school to drop off some papers and to make an appointment for my interview. They want me to be a peer mentor, how cool is that? They're calling me for an interview and I haven't even put in my application yet, I'm thinking the job is already mine. God is good. So if I keep Claire's (for whatever crazy reason) then I will work there, and the bookstore (which is only sometimes), and Peer Mentoring, and Mary Kay, and I'm also trying to get a job at the MARC center. Sounds like a lot huh? Naaaah

Well, that's all for now, just trying to waste some time hoping Julius comes online. *please get online*

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

It has been a long time...
Yes, its been a while since I've blogged, and sooo much has happened. Its just funny that once I sit down, all of these wonderful "current events" escape my mind. So, everyone is home from college, which kinda means that this blog won't get much of an audience for this summer since everyone doesn't have a computer at home. Which is fine, I'll get to talk to you and spend time with you all anyway. My break from school is almost over though, and that's good in a way. I have been extremely bored this week and a half. Extremely. So school will give me something to look forward to, something to break up the monotony of the day. I think it wouldn't have been so bad if Sonia and Tura hadn't been gone :( but, I'm a survivor. And I want to give much thanks to everyone who has tried to help and fill the void these weeks. *applause*

Monday, May 17, 2004

What is it about Africa?
I must say, The Motherland has been good to me over the past few months.
It all started with Julius. He's from Cameroon. Sonia introduced me to him (yea, that's her man) and we talk online. Now that Sonia is gone, its our duty to keep each other company. Me and Julius think alike, and it seems we have a lot in common. As Sonia would say "No wonder I love Julius so much, he is a male version of you!"
Then after Julius came Jeffrey, who is from Nigeria. I would see him in the hallways at school all the time, and (much to his surprise) I knew he was African just by looking at him. We started talking, and now we're good friends. We talk almost everyday, and its always good to get his view on things.
The newest African is Maximes. He's from Zaire (which is now the democratic republic of Congo or something)My mother knew him from work, and they would exchange some music, she loves African music. One day I came home and he was sittin at the table with my mom, chillin, listening to some musica. He left quickly after I came and my mother wasn't sure why, and I'm still not quite sure why. Anyway, she was telling me that she thinks he likes me. Yesterday he came over again. He asked me to the movies, so we're going the weekend after next. Homeboy has a really nice car too, bumpin sound system. He asked me to go over to family video with him too, and he insisted on renting me some videos. INSISTED! That was nice of him, and something I'm not used to. People don't usually insist on spending money on me. He rented me all 3 of The Matrix movies, and said it was his pleasure. nice guy.

So that's Africa, producing some wonderful people and making my life interesting.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

These guys need to quit nowadays. I just saw this video on TV, this guy is at the club kissing up on this girl, who apparently is not his girl. A friend of his girlfriend calls her up and is like "hey, your man is at the club with so and so", and then emailed her some pics she took with her cell phone. (don't you love modern technology?) Of course, friendgirl was mad. Now, this man gonna come and say "I'm a man, I make mistakes." Talkin about "Don't leave me, I'll never find anybody like you, bla bla bla"

1-You're a man, yes. You will make mistakes, yes. But you go to the club without your girl for what reason? That's getting you off on the wrong foot in the first place because you know there will be some fine women there. Then, knowing your woman is at home, what gives you the nerve to be kissin up another woman? Someone you don't even know.

2-"I'll never find anybody like you" If you knew that in the first place your lips shouldn't be on anyone else because you know you already have a good thing. You shouldn't even be at the club without her, because that is your lady, that is your special one, your girl. Why you tryin to do dirt? And you want to not be left? No, what you need is to be kicked to the curb.

*off my soapbox*

As long as there are crackheads, comedians will make fun of them.

Julius-Its you and me against this loneliness Ju. We gotta fight it together, hold each other up. I missed you today! where were you?
O to tha B-Friendboy, I'm so glad you came to church. So tell me, what's good with this weekend? You gonna have time for a sista?
Vinnie-Love you like a cousin, boy. It was good seeing you, you know that's where you need to be more often. Come back to where you belong. You quit your job, so I don't wanna hear the excuse that you're working.
Tony-I hear you're doing okay but I'd sure like to know for myself. Llamame ok?
Zi-Be patient and let the situation work itself out, because it will. But, be prepared to let go if you have to, sometimes love means letting go.

Love you!

Monday, May 10, 2004

Finals Week
I have finals this week Tuesday through Thursday, and then that's it. I'm feeling the relief coming on already.. ahhhhhhhh.

So the weekend was aight. I worked Friday and Saturday at The Icing, which was definately a change of pace. Claire's is soooo busy, too busy. Kids running all over the place, long line for piercing, 2 lines at the register. Icing--nah. It was so dead! I spent the whole time both days pretty much walking around the store, trying to look busy and watching the videos they had up on the monitors. So boring.

Oh yea,I forgot to tell you about my grandmother. Check this out. I don't know any of the family on my father's side, the only one I had actually heard of was my grandmother, Bonnie. At Chrismas when I was sending out the cards, I came across her address, so something told me to send her a card. No, I've never met the lady,never talked to her, but I figure it might be nice to get to know her right? She wrote me a letter back about a month later, I never responded. Then, about a week ago, she called me! But, I wasn't home. I tried calling her, she wasn't home. Finally, a couple of days ago I got to talk to her, it was so cool! We chatted for a bit, and it was strange to me how she acted like we had always known each other, like we had just talked yesterday. She was telling me about my cousin Vanessa, who apparently looks just like me!(based on my senior picture) That's so amazing to me, because all of my life, I've never looked like anyone in my family. I can't wait to talk to Vanessa, I have her number and am just waiting to call. It's like "wow" I've found a new part of me, a new family. So exciting!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004



I went to math class today, I was late so I didn't get my test back until after class. What??? I got a B? noooo. I was looking at the test, turns out I was doing the problems the right way, but with the wrong information, so she gave me some of the points back and I got an A on the test Yeeea Boyeee!

THEN, I went to the dreaded biology class. Now, the final in Bio is optional. It can replace your lowest test score, but if your grade is at a solid level, there is no use in taking it. The instructor was calling us up one by one, to give us our last test and show us our grade so we would know whether or not we had to take the final. I was bracing myself. First she gave me back my test. I looked at her and said "It wasn't pretty was it?" she said "Not one of the best..." I got a 67% on the test. Almost a C. She went to my grade and said
"But your grade is a 71% C, so you don't have to take the final."
"*GASP* WHAT? YES!! oh my God, I wanted a C so bad. Wooh, thank you Lord!"

Yes, ok she looked at me like I was crazy but did I care?? NO! Was I upset that I barely got a C? NO! Today was one of the few times in my life where I had tears of joy. I'm telling you, if I hadn't got a C in that class, there was no way I could've done well enough on the final to raise my grade to a C, so I would've failed the class, which would've brought my GPA down (cuz I don't think I would've taken it over), which could put my scholarship in jeapordy (slippery slope ya'll). So I give God all the praise and the honor cuz he is SO SO SO SO SO GOOD to me!!

Monday, May 03, 2004

I'm trying to analyze and figure out what just happned to me. I was just in an OK mood, content, not really happy, not really sad. Took my math test, felt pretty good afer that because I knew what was going on and I think I got an A on it. Which should offset the F on the last test :) Then, I saw my friend who's in my anatomy and physiology class, and went to kinda study with her before the test. I had been stressing about this test, but then thought, eh, it'll be ok. No, I was wrong. I have finally made the observation that all semester, I have had no idea of what is really going on in that class. Each and every test I've found myself kind of guessing what is right and what isn't. Yea, its understandable and fairly normal to have to guess some answers, but not guessing the majority of the tests. All semester long. I had a C at midterm, and I know there is no way I have a C now, especially considering I havent gotten over a C in any exam since midterms. I thought since I'm pretty good in Lab that maybe my Lab grade would help my overall grade. Got the Lab final back, failed that. So yea, all that brought my mood down.

Then, on top of that I went to talk to friendboy and he was telling me how he can't use the phone anyomore because he ran his mother's phone bill up to like $500. Yeah, that's never good so she went OFF and told him not to touch the phone. No, I don't blame her, but it sucks for me, and him too I guess. That didn't really make me too upset, but I think it might have been the catalyst of sorts for the mood I'm in now. The drop that made the glass overflow.

Hopefully it won't last. . .Summer is almost here and that should provide some relief. DANG IT! Come to think of it, friendboy isn't even gonna be able to use the phone to call me over break. Then I have stupid summer classes so I only get 2 weeks of a break anyway. A lonely break, cuz my best friend is gonna be gone. This summer is going to suck because everybody's going on some kind of vacation, what am I doing? Getting an education. Perhaps I just need to be alone.