Monday, August 29, 2005

Can somebody anybody tell me why. . .?

Why does the women's bathroom in my dorm have a urinal?

Why do I keep ending up walking behind people smoking cigarettes EVERY DAY?

Why does my mother think I'm arrogant?

Why do I still not have my books for class?

Why did I lose my paycheck?

Why do the same 2 girls on my floor keep blowing the power out with their hair dryers?

Why do my roomates keep unplugging my clock?

Why does my roomate keep stepping on my bed when she gets down from her bunk?

Why does she dangle her feet over the edge when I'm sitting right under her?

Why does my garbage can fill up every 2 days?

Why can't I just have ONE job?

Why can't I just go to school and not work? (none of my roomates have jobs)

Why am I having a poetic writing block?

Why am I still sick?

Why are my roomates all at the crib watching Lifetime while I'm at the library?

Why have I only met the guys on my floor?

Why am I tired of campus food already?

Why am I tired of food?

Why am I hoping I run into Max one of these days, and that he will want me back?

Why don't I have any nail clippers?

Why am I not doing my homework right now?

Monday, August 22, 2005

Come on and go with me, Come on over to my plaaace. . .

So I've moved into the dorms at good ol ISU. No, I'm not particularly excited about it (not particularly excited about much these days) but it's . . .it's an experience *nod*. Lets meet the roomates (In order of appearance).

1) ME! I got there early on move-in day because I knew I'd be in supplemental housing, and that there would anywhere from 2-6 people in the room, and I wanted a good location. I'm easy to get along with, and I try to make conversation with the mates and be cool.

2) Looking at her stuff, I knew she'd be of the caucasian persuasion, and she is. Her name is Summer, and she's from Schaumburg. Her beadspread is a satin magenta/pink and she has at least 7 decorator pillows to match. She has a tatoo on her lower back of the Roxy logo (that funny looking heart thing). I have dubbed this mate as 'tape girl'. The first night while I was trying to sleep, I kept hearing *riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. rip. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. rip* This girl was tearin freakin TAPE for at least 10 minutes. Loudly. That ain't right.

3) Looking at her stuff, I knew she'd be a sista. What gave it away was the Tweety Bird pillows. I also knew she was from Chicago because of the Tweety. Her name is Shybella. I have to think of Chi-town and "Bella" (pronounce the L) like they say in Italy to remember her name. She's a bit ghetto-fab, and she's spoiled, but she seems to be a nice girl. I have dubbed her "sonic" because she moves around the room very fast, like she is in a rush to get somewhere, or meet somebody. That's when she's chillin.

4) I was relaxing in the room when she came in, her name is Carrie (yes, like the movie). She's a freshman, and from one of the little corn field towns around here that I wouldnt visit for fear of being lynched. But she's cool, she likes to talk alot about her military experience (national guard). She's the youngest, well actually I think she might be 19 too, but she's a freshman. The rest of us are juniors. She shall be dubbed G-I-Carrie.

5) Gretchen. She wasn't terribly interesting, I think she's from the same suburb as Summer, so they talk alot. She plays the cello. . .that's about it. Last but not least....

6) Actually, I don't remember her name. I even saw her name on the ID card this morning, and let me tell ya, its a lot easier to say than read, so I didn't even know what it was from that. She was the last one to come. I knew she'd be a sista too, cuz she had 2 nike boxes (can't let them shoes get messed up) and an Atlanta hat. She's from Chicago too. Her nickname is "Dude". She wears guy clothes, voice a little gruff, and has her hair in short locs (she's natural yall!). Stereotypically, I would label her a lesbian, but I don't know that, its none a mah bidness, so Ima leave it alone. She seems very down to earth, and she's funny.

My main problem now is what to call the residence.
The Dorm
The room
My place (I think this one might get the vote)
The Lounge (Seriously, they have us piled in a lounge)

And that concludes your news update. *bows*