Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Great

I've never been too good at bragging on myself. That could be why I have trouble with those "about me" sections of profiles. You want to present the best image of yourself, and if you really are great, how can you tell people that without sounding like a pretentious egomaniac?

I'm putting together the end-of-year banquet program. Dr. S asked me to be the alumna speaker. I think I can do that, public speaking has never been an issue for me. What I'm going to talk about, I have no idea, but hopefully an inspiring message will come to me in the next week or so. The problem is that I have to write up a bio of myself to put in the program.

I'm looking at the past programs, and all of their alumni had so many accomplishments. Real accomplishments.

"Mr. So and So grew up here and went to high school here. He was the captain of the football team and played on the All-State Team. He was president of this organization, earned these scholarships, and now does this and that with his Fraternity. He went to a prestigious HBCU and got a great job afterwards. He is now pursuing his Master's degree."

Damn. What am I going to say about myself? How can I tell everyone that I struggled through undergrad, didn't even end up officially earning my minor (although I still claim it- that damn last class!!!), and work in front of a computer 11 hours a day and make it sound good? What am I supposed to say, that I want to go back to school to get my Master's, but am too indecisive and broke? Maybe I could mention all the grand ideas I have, and that I have the "potential" to make them happen, but don't stay motivated.

But I do tutor spanish. I"ll have to include that. Let's face it- I'm not accomplished. I'm not doing badly, I mean, I do have a job, apartment, car, etc. I am taking care of myself and being responsible. I pay my bills on time (but I return library books late). I know that I'm doing more for myself than a lot of people my age, but when you boil it down, I'm just doing what grown people do. Taking care of business. That's nothing spectacular.

But let me get back to the subject at hand, which is that I don't like to brag on myself. I can only do so when being funny or sarcastic. I do have some accomplishments. I just don't want to be the one responsible for listing them in a way that makes me appear to be an outstanding citizen. Maybe I can get Dr. S to write it??