Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Comes to an End. . . Finally!!
Although I don't blog much anymore, I still feel compelled to do my end-of-year review. 2007 was a doosy, let me tell ya. I thought I was going to die! I had lots of ups and downs, but I made it through only by the grace of God. Here's a little recap of events.
-Completed my first (real) sociological research and presented it at a research symposium. (only black person presenting)
-Took the worst Spanish class of my whole life
-Watched my mother battle cancer
-Grandmother's boyfriend passed away
-Graduated from ISU with my Bachelor's degree in May
-Uncle came for graduation, decided to stay here instead of going home
-Met a boy who became my first real boyfriend
-Fell in love with that boy and got engaged
-Got my first apartment with a roomate
-Learned how to be willingly domestic in just one summer
-Learned French and Lingala and ate lots of fufu
-Watched three friends become mothers
-Attended several weddings
-Started planning a wedding
-Turned 22 (uneventfullly)
-Celebrated a year with "The Farm"
-Broke up with fiancee
-Got a job in my field of study
-Little sister started learning to drive
-Started teaching Spanish classes as volunteer work
-Father released from prison and came to town
-Little sister got her first job
-Mother remarried and didn't tell me
-Fought with roomate
-Got my first apartment by myself
So, thankfully my tumultous year ended on a positive note with my new apartment which is beautiful and just right for me. The year closes with me decorating the new place and appreciating the freedom that I posess. I know that the challenges I endured were put in my life for a reason, and in retrospect I can definitely say that they made me stronger. I am optimistic about what 2008 will bring. I hope that it will be a year in which I will be able to be introspective, and draw creativity from what I find inside. I look forward to learning and being able to share my knowledge with others. As for graduate school, that may or may not happen in '08, we'll see.