Monday, June 29, 2009

This is Worth Writing About

So the pastor (not my own pastor btw), let's call him Passo came into my office again today. He'll stop by every now and again to say hi or even take a few moments to play a game of cards with me. He's a pretty cool guy, but he has a reputation in this community. . . one that precedes him. Baptist preacher, late 40's or early 50's, smooth talker and a fan of the ladies. So I take it as no surprise that he only comes to my office to visit when I am here alone.

Today when Passo opened the office door I wondered what he would be up to today, but I always put the same smile on my face. After cordial greetings, he sat down and became gravely serious. He should be an actor, because his performance would have been great for the stage. Maybe he could try out for the next Madea play. He started by talking about my position now at the League. . . how he knew I wasn't completely happy with my position and not making much money. He makes eye contact with me as if he is reading my thoughts through my eyeballs and is silent for what seems like the longest time. He then cocks his head slightly to the side and without cracking a smile says in a low voice, "Would you like to work for me?" One would believe that he has already played out this scene in his head many many times.

I'm behind my desk, concentrating on what type of facial expression I'm displaying. His mannerisms already seem so scripted and fluid. . . I need to act in just the right way to fit the situation. I want to laugh and smile because this man is so ridiculous, but he's making it quite awkward for me to do so. Especially the way he keeps staring so intently. "In what capacity?" I respond. Another long, serious pause, and he begins to explain how he needs someone who will keep his calendar- and more or less keep track of his every move. Someone who will be aware of where he is, and know what to tell those who would like to know. Scheduling his flights and other travel arrangements, setting and reminding him of appointments with individuals in the community and elsewhere, and something else about church bulletins. "So basically a personal assistant?" I said. That's what it sounded like to me anyway. He kind of nodded his head side to side.

"Isn't that what Joann already does? Or is she not going to be doing it anymore?" He continued to look at me and said, "So does it sound like a job you could do?"
"Oh. . . so I don't get my question answered huh? Ok. That's cool." I let it slide. I started to think about what working for Passo would be like. I didn't even ask him how much the position would pay, because I don't want to make a financially motivated decision with this one.

In fact, although I will think about his offer, I already know what I want to do. I knew as soon as the words came out of his mouth, "Would you like to work for me?" It's funny though, that he would want to hire me as his PA, when I can hardly keep my own calendar lol . . . he doesn't have to know that though. I'm pretty sure that I would deliver in the position. I am a professional, and I always deliver my best work in a professional setting. I'm sure he'd pay pretty handsomely too, especially considering the level of confidentiality the position entails. And undoubtedly right off the back I'd need a BlackBerry and laptop. . . and of course a personal assistant must look presentable at all times, so I would have to have a monthly allottment for clothing and accessories. That's only reasonable. Regardless, I have a feeling that whether I take this position or not, the story with Passo will not end here. Stay tuned.