Thursday, March 24, 2005

Blog Hopping has its Benefits

So I was blog hopping today, and I didn't get very far when I found the most hilarious thing. It's a "translator" of sorts. It translates your text into Jive, Valley Girl, Pig Latin or "Swedish Chef". I had some fun with my writing and the translations.

I know de day gots'ta come
Dat ah' gots'ta see him wid anoda' one
And ah' gots'ta wonda' if she be likes me.

What it is, Mama! Will dey do de wahtahmelluns dat we dun did?
Will dey kiss de way dat we kissed?
What dun did ah' do wrong t'lose him?

Maybe she gots'ta be mo'e decisive dan I
Maybe she gots'ta easily part ha' dighs
Allow him t'love ha' wid no hesitashun

I hope dat she gots'ta be
All he wants's and needs
But dat he gots'ta still consida' me special.
(my favorite is the "what it is mama?")

(T, think of that French accent with this one lol)
Efee zee sters vere-a sheening
egeeenst thet bleck felfet ooff zee sky
joost es hees lufely iyes elsu shune-a veet oonly her refflecshun in zeem
tu let her knoo
thet she-a ves reelly zeere-
a letteeng her meend dreefft beck tu thet neeght
vey tuu cluse-a tu Peredeese-a

Ohh, fun fun fun.

There is another poem idea I've been having in my head lately. If I don't write it down, I might forget it, but if I do then I might not get in the mood to write the poem. hmmmm. Let me just say that it's about how my name is long and usually doesn't fit on the line. lol suspense? I hope so. . .

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Today I'm in a quite melancholy mood. It all started in photo class where i firstly got a bad grade on an assignment (40/50) then also a bad grade on the quiz (14/20). To top it off, I had left my other roll of film I needed to develop at home and the one I did develop had very few good shots and my negatives got messed up anyway.

Then. . .
My interpersonal communications class kept talking about me. The teacher was making us talk about feelings in different scenarios. Scenario one: You see your ex with another 'lover', how do you feel?

Awwww Daaaannngg!! I was just having a conversation about this with somebody. Is this a forewarning to prepare myself for the heartbreak? I know that one of these days, maybe soon, I'm gonna see him with someone else, and I seriously don't know how I'm supposed to handle that. It's odd, because I never considered myself as loving him, so why am I feeling so much for him now? Why do I miss him? Why am i concerned about his well-being? Why do I not want to see him with another woman?

I know the day will come
That I will see him with another one
And I will wonder if she is like me.

Will they do the things that we did?
Will they kiss the way that we kissed?
What did I do wrong to lose him?

Maybe she will be more decisive than I
Maybe she will easily part her thighs
Allow him to love her with no hesitation

I hope that she will be
All he wants and needs
But that he will still consider me special.

Monday, March 21, 2005

A Poem for Tura

she is captivated
with everything her mind associated
with him
so frustrated
by not knowing which way to go and what to do with
the thoughts and feelings for him
letting her mind drift back to that night
way too close to Paradise
she and her Prince oh so charming
kissing under the moonlight
Even the stars were shining
against that black velvet of the sky
just as his lovely eyes also shone
with only her reflection in them to let her know
that she was really there
letting her mind drift back to that night
way too close to Paradise
struggling to fight
that feeling that she felt when he kissed her oh so right
"Come to Paradise with me" said he
but she just couldn't fathom and believe
that this could really be
That her Prince, oh so charming
on this perfect night so close to Paradise
was offering the first kiss of her life
and taking her breath away
she couldn't fathom and believe that it could be.
And though it was, she didn't want to see.
So she never went to Paradise,
decided to stay on the safe side of life
and not walk on that ledge leading to a place a little too perfect
and now,
she is captivated
with everything her mind associated
with him
so frustrated
by not knowing which way to go and what to do with
the thoughts and feelings for him
letting her mind drift back to that night
way too close to Paradise

Friday, March 11, 2005

Open This Mic

Last night Sonia and I went to an open mic event at ISU. It was quite interesting. I can't really say that I liked it all that much, because it was quite unorganized and a lot of the time seemed like they didn't know what the heck to do, so people were just chillin on the stage, making jokes and unusual comments. However, a couple of good things did come from it.

(this song is a bit paraphrased)
1: "When I first saw you, you was looking too cute and I turned to my boy and said. then he said, 'naw dawg, I heard she got the sauce and something, something something."
anyway the chorus was something like
"I only like mild sauce on my fries, you got that venom in your thighs"
The song was so funny, and reminded me of at least one person I know. They had lyrics in there talkin bout "I saw you coming out the clinic with a bag of perscriptions" and "You need to cool your loving down." There are definately people who needed to hear that song.

2. This one was a blessing in disguise. One guy got on stage, I don't know if he was supposed to be a comedy act or what, but I didn't laugh one time, and NOBODY clapped when he got off stage. All he did was show his ignorance. He began to talk about the issue with Matt Hale and how the judge's family died, and how he didn't care. He even said he wished that more of them (meaning non-blacks) would die. He ignorantly ranted about how no autopsies and investigations were done when Martin Luther King Jr. died (which is not true) and how those who died in this incident got what they deserved.

I was ticked OFF. So, I went home and wrote a poem :D

Rebuttal to a Fool's Words

"I wish more of them would die"
the first of fool's words
to cause me to turn my head and ask "why?"

The words, too soon spoken
and not well chosen
to bring harm to another's life
just because it's not a brother's life?

And the brother's life and death you do defend
your rationale I cannot comprehend
because Martin Luther King's will was not that to kill
but to step back and be real
And see each other's colors
let go of what history did to our brothers
let go of massa raping our grandmothers
let go of hostilities held toward one another for things gone by
Let go of that rope and fly, brotha, fly!
fly into that dream of Martin Luther King's
fly into that day when race would not be all things
because we all come from lines of kings and queens
Adam and Eve grandfather and mother of ALL human beings
don't revert to old ways of thinking
For we have come this far by faith
yes, the mountaintop is surely in our view,
but how, brother how, will we reach it
when more than a few think like you?
We must let go to fly
and to fly, yes we must try
and we'll try and we'll try
and we just might get it right
Then we
can live that dream of Martin Luther King's
free at last of color-bound hostilities
And brotha, it starts right here with you and me.


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Have you seen him?

It's been ten months
Didn't wanna give him the time of day
Then he made his way into my world
And changed it-in a special way

Now, here I am changed
A new creature indeed
Enlightened to the ways of the world
But he is nowhere to be seen

Now I see all of his friends
They seem to know my face
We laugh, and make conversation
But it still doesnt ease my pain

I know I can't erase the memories
Though I do admit I've tried
I think things can work themselves out
But is my thought a lie?

Oh, I see his car everywhere I go
On the street, and even at the picture show
Have you seen him?
Tell me have you seen him?

Oh, I see his face when I close my eyes
In the day, and even in the night
Have you seen him?
Tell me have you seen him?

Did he make me make such a mistake??
Ohhh ohh ohh, I'm confused
And I don't know what to do
And I'm lost, baby I'm lost

Oh, tell me will I see his face again?
Cuz right now, I just wanna be his friend.
Have you seen him?
Tell me have you seen him?

Have you seen him? (you better tell me if you see him)
Tell me have you seen him? (and tell him I'm thinkin' bout him too)
Have you seen him? (. . I just wanna see him)
Tell me have you seen him?
I just lost a whole LONG post. You know I'm mad.
I'm not sure how you did this, but I'm kinda mad and glad that you did. I think about you often, I'm not afraid to admit, and my heart beats sorely when I do. Who ever knew? Who ever knew that you would come into my life and turn it upside down before I even realized what was going on? Who ever knew that I would fall asleep and wake up so many times with you on my mind. Just thinking of how you're doing, wondering if all is well, wondering if you might be thinking about me too. Its kinda funny when I think back on the earlier days, I didnt wanna give you the time of day. Now you take way more than your share of my thoughts, but that's alright with me. When will I see you again? Will we get to talk again? How are you anyway? Do you miss me? I miss you.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Who woulda thunk it?
My mother and I were having a conversation last night, about nothing in general, then she dropped the bomb on me.

Do you know where your uncle works?
Um, wasn't he working doing construction or something?
Not anymore lol.
What, is he a stripper now or something?
No, but you're close.
By this time I'm getting a little worried. Uncle man is my FAVORITE uncle, we go wayy back.
What does he do???
He works in a factory. A porn factory.
My uncle works in a porn factory? What kinda stuff is that?? I didn't even know they HAD porn factories. I guess my mother found out when they were talking one day and he was mentioning that they'd have to do inventory. She asked how often inventory is done, and he said whenever the bosses think someone took something or stole some toys. My mother was like "Toys?? Where do you work?" And that's when the truth was revealed. Man, my family is weird.
My mother also told me about Uncle Man's crazy girlfriend coming to my grandmother's (his mother) house at 1 or 2 a.m.
Miss Wynn, Miss Wynn! Kenneth said he's gonna kill himself!!
So? If he's gonna kill himself he's gonna kill himself. What am I gonna do?!
But miss Wynn. . .
Don't ever wake me up again for no mess like that!

This woman did not even care. Turns out my uncle just wanted the woman to leave, but she wouldn't so he said something about turning on the gas or something. . .
Just crazy.