Monday, December 04, 2006

Other People's Problems

I am hereby not down with O.P.P.

I feel honored and appreciated when my friends come to me with their problems. How nice of them to value my opinion. How grand that they want my help, and trust my guidance. But wtf is up with them always having problems? And wtf is up with them coming to me for answers and solutions and then saying to me in frustration, "You think you know everything."

First of all I do not, of course, know everything, neither do I pretend to know everything or think that I know everything. Secondly, do not come to me for suggestions if you're gonna pull that mess.

How do I get into these situations? I try to be helpful, but at the same time not be overbearing and allow people to depend on me too much. I am only human, and I will fail people just as they have failed me. I always encourage them to really think about their situation and explore what avenue will be best for them. I don't tell them which way to go, cuz I can only theorize and they know their own situations better than I do. I think some people don't mind being miserable.

I shall not stress. I shall not stress about my future and all of it's uncertainties. If all goes right, I will be graduating in May, and will be the first in my family to posess a Bachelor's degree. I want to go to Grad school, but I don't know if I'm ready on so many levels. I could work for a while, and try to move up in the company, get into the department I've been eyeing. Or I could go straight to Grad school and hopefully get that assistanceship, then do my Peace Corps service. Or just Peace Corps then Grad School. Really the possibilities are too many to list. But I shall not stress.

I shall not stress about negroes who will not act right, or any men for that matter. I found out that my aunt and uncle are getting a divorce. He is the only man she has ever been in a relationship with, they got married at 19. I always admired and respected him, and used him as a model of the ideal black man. He was a teacher and a successful football coach, took good care of his wife and children, and was a positive role model. Apparently he's been acting a fool lately, being unfaithful and such. So that's it. It makes me lose faith in Black men, but I shall not stress.

I shall not stress about the little (and big) things that life throws my way. I shall not stress about the cancer, my GPA, or anything. I WANT to enjoy my life. I WANT to make the best of every single day that I have! I want to be able to deal with the issues of my life without them causing me to go crazy and do thing to mess up my relationships with others, and to negatively affect my life. I want to be able to accept these issues as learning experiences, even though some will hurt and be difficult.

I will not stress, and I will not let OPP bring me down.