Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wake Up

I've never had too many problems falling asleep at night. I can fall asleep in bed, on the couch, on the floor, or even kneeling over a project. Sleep is a gem sent from the heavens, and I am so blessed that it comes so easily to me.

I really just enjoy sleep. I can sleep at work, in class, at the doctor's office, and even at the movie theater. I can sleep in a house, I can sleep on a mouse. I can sleep in the car, I can sleep with the stars. I even like when I'm sleeping, and I wake up just slightly only to realize that I'm asleep. I get so happy by the fact that I'm sleeping, that I go back to sleep and start the joyful process all over again.

Seriously, good sleep is up there with the other joys in life like good sex, good food, and good weather. To have all four. . .who could ask for more???? How could you not be at peace with life to have good sleep every night, good weather every day, and good sex follwed by some good food?? Utopia!!!!

You know how they have those bumper stickers, "I'd Rather Be Fishing". . .mine would say "I'd Rather Be Sleeping." In fact, that's just what I want to do right now, which might be why I'm waxing poetic about it lol.