Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October- Better Luck Next Time

That's gotta be my theme for this month. I'm watching plan after plan fall through, being wished "better luck next time."

Next time? I want my alloted luck this time please. I had this whole grand scheme of going back to school and applying to UIS. That fell through- better luck next time.

Ready to apply to the PC, but darnit, might as well stay and do that Master's International- better luck next time.

Meet this guy who seems pretty cool- artistic, creative and cuddly. . . and married (thanks FaceBook). Better luck next time!

I even contacted PRIDE about getting one of their "Gay? Fine by me." T-shirts and the girl writes me back saying that they're all gone and closed with an essential "Better off next time."

Ya gotta be kidding me, for real.

1 comment:

Ola said...

I always dislike when they are out of promotional t-shirts. I somehow affirms that I'm so not part of the cool group...*sigh*

But Oct. is long gone and it snow December!!! what is December to you?